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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Sense of Touch

There are so many things that we can feel:  hot and cold, smooth, rough, soft, and so much more.  Not only can we feel and touch with our ever sensitive finger tips, but our entire bodies can enjoy the beautiful sensation of touch. I love the feel of a gentle breeze on my face, the downy softness of a newborn baby's hair against my cheek, the gentle touch of a kiss on the nose or the lips.  I love the feel of a warm hug or a massage or foot rub.   I love soaking in the warmth of the bath or feeling a hot shower pelt my tired skin.   I love the luxurious feel of stretching out between crisp sheets or of curling up in a soft fleecy blanket.  I love the many different textures of the food I have to eat; they add so much to the taste and aroma of good food and the entire eating experience.  Take the time to savor and enjoy the sense of touch.

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