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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Things

So here are some of my Happy Things for the week:

My dear sister came from out of state to visit my dear parents, and I got to see her on Saturday!
I found a Kit Kat from my Christmas stocking that I didn't remember I still had!
DD3 taught me how to do emojis on facebook chat!
DD4 wrote a blog post!
The weather has been warm and I haven't had to scrape the car windows in the mornings!
One of "my"  former Laurel's  wore her YW Camp hoodie to Relief Society last night . . . and said it's one of her favs!
We had cookies and cocoa at Relief Society last night!
We have family reunion plans!
I finished up the most recent edition of our family newsletter and copies are now in the mail!
I reserved a family names for temple work on Family Tree on Family search!

I'm sure that there are more . . .  but what are your Happy Things for the week?