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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I didn't always appreciate bananas when I was growing up.  I'm not sure why, because now I think that they are one of the best, most nutritious and economical foods available to most of the world.  I really came to appreciate bananas during the year and a half that I spent in the country of Colombia.  They were one of the foods that we were served almost every single day, usually more than once in one form or another.  They were a familiar food, and I came to think of bananas as a comfort food.  I still try to have bananas on hand for breakfast and snacks, and most of the time they are eaten and appreciated by my family long before we need to consider banana bread.  (Which is fine with me, since I prefer pumpkin bread or even zucchini bread to banana bread.)  Yes, I do appreciate bananas. 

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