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Friday, April 19, 2013

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday to You ♪♫♪

Today is my DD2's birthday!  Isn't she the cutie?  She's grown up a quite a bit since this picture was taken, but she is still very beautiful!   (This is one of our favorites photos of her as a child, and yes, she always has loved using the computer.  She's the one who really introduced me to blogging, I believe, but quite a few years after this photo was taken.)

 Right now DD2 lives half way across the country where she's attending graduate school, so I can't give her a hug or bake her a cake.  I did send a package with a few little gifts, and I do hope that she has received them. I can't sing the ♪♫♪  Happy Birthday ♪♫♪ song to her in person this year, but hopefully I can do it over the phone or skype, if we can catch one another when one of us is not sleeping or working or in class. 

DD2 is a very beautiful, compassionate, dedicated, hard working, intelligent, faithful, dilligent and loving woman.   She is one of my very best friends.   I love her dearly and feel extremely blessed to have the privilege of being her mother!

Happy Birthday DD2!

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