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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Instagram Great Gram Day

Today is Insta Great Gram Day.  I'm not an instagram person; haven't quite reached that level of technology yet, but I would like to celebrate Insta Great Gram Day along with some of my fellow bloggers. 

I've posted briefly about my grandparents before, but today I would like to honor my great grandparents Albert Smith and Mary Ann Storton Smith, who as young parents left their homeland and lives in Harlestone, Northampton, England, and immigrated to America in 1882.   They worked hard all of their lives as a butcher and a homemaker, and left a legacy for their posterity here in America

What do you know about your grandparents, great grandparents, and other ancestors?   A great place to find out more and to share what you do know with others is www.familysearch.org/photos/.  Just now I found some new photos of Albert and Mary Ann that I didn't have before:

 Go ahead, take a peek, and have some fun!

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