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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gardening Tools

I had some time this evening to putter in the garden.  The job of the season is getting rid of some very large and overgrown weeds.  Some I am able to pull out by hand.  Others require the aid of my trusty old spade, similar to the one above but many years older.  I still love and trust and use it every year.  I'm grateful for my spade.  Ocassionally I would come across a bunch of weeds so thick and tough and tall that instead of my spade, I grabbed the long-handled pruning shears.  These shears are not quite as old as the spade, but still well loved and well used as we do have several trees and a number of shrubs on the property.  They also work well on tall, tough, overgrown patches of weeds that I don't feel ready to dig out.  I'm grateful for my prunning shears. 

I do have several other gardening tools that I use and appreciate, mainly rakes and hoes and small hand trowels, and pruners but my spade and my prunning shears are probably my faves.    

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