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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thrift Stores, Dollar Stores, and Discount Stores

In preparation for her eminent move from home to college dorm, DD4 and I have been doing a bit of shopping the last little while.  She has been quite careful with the money that she has received as gifts and from babysitting, and has been able to purchase quite a few nice things to help her with setting up housekeeping and entering the adult world of the college campus.  Of course much of the credit goes to our choice of shopping locales.   The set of beautiful stoneware plates that we both love came from a thrift store, as well as an almost like new quality saucepan and an awesome old fashioned hand held can opener that I would trade her for in a heartbeat.  (They just don’t seem to make can openers like they used to.  Has anyone else noticed that lately?) 
The dollar stores provide many varied options on basic kitchen needs in a quality that will well serve the college dorm kitchen.  It’s so much fun to shop there and know that you can walk away with quite a bit after paying just a little.  Just think carefully before throwing everything in the cart, because the $$ can add up quickly, and many items can actually be found for less at the grocery store next door. 
Many very nice brand name clothes can be found in the thrift stores, and I think the selection there is much better than at any of the local malls.  And the discount stores are also great places to find bargains on items that you just want to have brand new, like sheets, and other unmentionables.   Just a bit at a time, and we just may have DD4 adequately prepared to face the exciting world of college life on her own!

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