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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


No, this will not be a post about Imelda Marcos or other ladies who have huge collections of shoes.  Nor will it be about how certain types of shoes tend to make a woman's legs and calves more beautiful.  When it comes to shoes, I go for the simple, comfortable ones, usually black or brown leather that will not easily scuff and that can be worn with almost any outfit.  I don't own a large collection of shoes, and I prefer low heels and shoes wide enough to comfortably accommodate my wide toes.  I am grateful for the shoes that I do have, that protect my feet and allow me to walk in safety and comfort all of the places that I need to go.  Tonight I was mowing lawn in an area that sports a particularly nasty weed with particularly nasty and thorny seeds.  In the past I have tried to mow the lawn there with my comfy rubbery croc wannabes, and have regretted the decision as the nasty thorny weed seeds have attached themselves all over the bottom of the shoes, and sometimes into my skin.  Tonight I wore my old, sensible K-Mart bought Cobbie Cuddlers with nice thick soles and leather uppers that not only cushion my big tired feet, but protect them as well.  I often like going bare foot, but mowing the lawn is a time when I am particular grateful for shoes.

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