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Friday, August 2, 2013

Crown Molding (and issues with blogger)

So, I've been pretty negligent about posting my gratefuls lately.  And then blogger was acting up and the only way I could figure out how to get into the area to compose a new blog post was to upload a photo.  And then I could very carefully write a blog post (such as the previous one about bees and ladybugs and butterflies), as long as I didn't try to navigate using the arrow keys.  

Well, I don't have a very good camera and my phone photos are not acceptable to show off to the general public, but today I broke down and took this phone photo of the beautiful crown molding in the corner of our dining room between our entryway and our living room so that I could have a way to get in and write a blog post.

And then low and behold, I can now get in to the blog creation area of blogger without uploading a photo!  So what's up with that?  And now blogger isn't even liking my inferior phone photos and will not load them onto the blog.  I guess I'll keep trying, so check back later to see the beautiful crown molding that is the subject of this post.   I know that my computer is getting a bit up there in years, but I still like it and want to keep using it for a while still . . . anyway . . .  It still appears that the mouse won't click into the screen, but I can use the arrows.  And so even though I can't load the picture, I can write the post.  So, here it goes: 

A little more than 17 years ago we bought our current home, the first home we have ever purchased in our nearly 30 years of marriage.  We did a lot of striping of wallpaper, pulling out of old carpet, moving off walls, replacing of doors, caulking, sanding, painting etc. etc.  The children and other extended family members helped.  A lot.  Every day after school we all worked on the house.   I believe that we spent Christmas Eve of that year painting.  It was a very busy time. 

One of the things that my DH insisted on was installing crown molding in our entry way, dining room and living room.  He spent a lot of time selecting the molding pieces (three different moldings--two for the base and then another on the top) cutting them just right, installing, and painting them.  Initially I was not as excited as he was about the crown molding, but he wanted to do it so badly, and I must say that he did an excellent job.  Some days when I am tired I just sit down and look up at the beautiful crown molding that represents a labor of love from my dear DH.  It adds a touch of elegance to our otherwise rather ordinary, very lived in home.  I can sit and rest from a busy day, and feel a bit of calmness and peace while gazing at our still elegant and beautiful crown molding.  I love it.  Isn't it great?


  1. Your DH really did do a good job...it adds a touch of elegance to your home!

    BTW, my DS#2 reminded me that you two have a Happy Anniversary today...congratulations on your 30 years of marriage!