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Saturday, August 24, 2013

National Waffle Day Excitement

Last night DD1 informed me that today would be National Waffle Day, and suggested that we have waffles instead of the traditional pancakes for our Saturday brunch.   So this morning after checking my email and facebook I pulled out the waffle iron and warmed it up, then mixed up some waffle batter.  I also mixed up some nice brown sugar syrup and set in on the stove to boil, then thought, "I wonder what the wonderful world wide web has to say about National Waffle Day?"  So I hopped back on over to the computer to see.  I found a cute video with clips from many different movies that mention waffles, but I don't approve of some of the language I heard, so I won't share it here, but I also found a link to some great Waffle Recipes.  About this time I happened to glance into the kitchen and saw flames shooting out around my boiling over pan of syrup!  I jumped up and turned off the burner, moved the pan off of said burner, then grabbed a box of baking soda out of the cupboard and doused the flames.  Then the fire alarm went off. 

Gentle readers; please do not do this at home.  Please watch your syrup while it is on the stove.  And please, put a nice big box of baking soda near your stove where it can be grabbed without a second thought.  It really does work.  I also had a big 12 lb bag of baking soda from Costco sitting on the counter since I had recently used it to fill the little 16 oz box and hadn't yet returned it to the store room downstairs.  But all I needed to douse the fire was the little box.  And also notice, the fire alarm did not go off until after  the fire had already been extinguished.  Please be vigilant and careful whenever cooking.       

I have just finished scrubbing and cleaning up all of the spilled and hardened brown sugar candy off of my stove top and all of the baking soda off of the burners and the burner drip pan and even underneath the burners.  I ended up cleaning all of the burners and drip pans and the entire stove top and underneath, just because I was already cleaning, of course.  So, part of the Saturday chores, though not really intended to be done today, are done.   My blessing in disguise.  May you all have a happy National Waffle Day, and be careful and safe while cooking your waffles and your syrup.

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