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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Roommates

Yesterday morning after breakfast DD4 loaded her boxes of carefully and lovingly packed books, dishes, clothes and other personal treasures into DH's car, and DH, DD1, and I drove her the one and one half hours to her new home away from home at college.  The dorm  apartment where she will be living for the next nine months is an older dorm, but appears to be comfortable enough for a dorm, and is the least expensive option of campus housing available for freshmen students without being obligated to buy a meal plan.  Yes, DD4 will be responsible for cooking her own meals, washing her own clothes, and finding a part time job, all along with adjusting to her first year of college classes.  She's pretty much on her own.  Along with her 5 roommates.

We were able to meet and get somewhat acquainted with two of DD4's new roommates, and briefly met one other.  Two of the six had not yet moved in by the time we finished helping unpack and made a trip out to purchase essentials such as a new bathrobe, a power strip, and enough groceries to last a few weeks.  But the others seem to be good girls with similar interests as DD4, and I feel good about her situation there.  It comforts a mother's heart.

During all of my college years, I never did move into an apartment  with all strangers.  My freshman and sophomore years I lived with my best friend from home, one summer I lived with my older sister, another year with a cousin, and another summer with my younger sister.  I always had good roommates.  We had some fun times together, and generally respected each other and each other's property, and had very few problems with any of them.  (The exception being one roommate who stuck me with a huge long distance phone bill.  There is something to be said for personal cell phones I guess.  :)     I still love and admire and respect my former roommates and have recently been able to reconnect with several of them via facebook. 

But, my senior year, I had the best roommate ever, and we're still roommates!  Yes, during my senior year of college DH and I were newlyweds.  It was a fun year setting up our home in our little rented house, learning to tolerate each other's little quirks and differences, and looking forward to the birth of our DS1, who was born just days after my graduation!   We've lived in numerous different homes in our moves across the country and back, and are still adjusting to the different challenges and changes that life brings our way.  Even though one or the other of us will sometimes retreat to another room to sleep to avoid keeping the other awake with a reading light, or, (heaven forbid) a louder than usual snoring,  DH is a wonderful roommate, and I'm grateful that he's mine!

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