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Monday, August 19, 2013


The raingutters along the front of our house have been sagging for quite some time.  Several winters ago I had hung our traditional Christmas lights along the gutter in the front of the house, and heavy snow and ice created quite the weight on the gutters.  They started to sag, and then pulled away from the roofline where they had been nicely anchored since we have owned the house.  The son of one of our dear neighbors noticed the sad condition of the raingutters the following spring, and enlisted the help of one of his friends to reattach the gutters to their proper place.  I was very grateful to both of these young men, as DH has an injured rotator cuff and cannot lift anything higher than his shoulder, our own sons both live out of state, and of course I would not know where to begin with such types of repairs, even if I were physically capable of handling them myself.   

 I haven't hung Christmas lights on the raingutters since that time, but the ice and the snow still tend to collect on the raingutters, and this past winter they again were dislodged from the roof line and have been sagging in front of our front windows all summer.  Last week our dear neighbor approached me with the offer that he and his son would like to come over and again repair our dear old raingutters.  And sometime in the past few days when I have not been home, they did so.  The raingutters look great.  The house looks much better and a lot less like some careless homeowners hang out here.  We try to keep things up fairly well, but haven't done a very good job this year, so I'm especially grateful, once again, for wonderful neighbors who care and who gracefully serve us.   

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