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Monday, August 12, 2013

Thirty Years

Thirty years ago yesterday, DH and I were married, not only for this life, but forever, as long as we keep the covenants and promises that we made to God and to each other.  It has not been an entirely blissful marriage; those belong in fairy tales.  It has been a very good marriage, and has lived up to my hopes, dreams and expectations.  Of course I have not been immune from grumbling and complaining at times, as I will be the first to admit that I have a tendency to do that.  However, while growing up, I hoped and dreamed of a good, kind, faithful and hardworking, intelligent man who would someday love me, marry me,  and be a good father to my children.  DH has been that and more.   He is faithful, fun, hardworking, intelligent, patient, and very good looking!

 We did not have a grand celebration to mark the day, after all, it was a Sunday.  Usually we will go out for dinner or a movie to celebrate, but we don't do that on Sundays in our family, and that's the way we want it.  Besides, we have already taken two family trips this summer and have stretched the budget to its limits.  So, we went to church and had a quiet afternoon and evening resting and eating and visiting with DD1 and DD4.  We received happy wishes from the rest of the children via phone calls and internet, and from many other friends and relatives on facebook and even via US Mail.  Perhaps the greatest compliment was this comment posted by DD3 on her facebook page:  

Happy 30th anniversary to my wonderful parents! They are truly an example to me of what it means to be dedicated to one another through thick and thin, and because of that example I won't settle for anything less. I love you both!
 To top off the day DD1 also presented us with tickets to go and listen to Manheim Steamroller in concert this coming December!  Manheim Steamroller was the music of choice in our courting days whenever we were traveling by car, which was actually quite often the summer that we met and then later the summer that we were engaged.  So it is a very fitting and lovely gift which we will more throughly enjoy come December.

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