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Monday, August 5, 2013

A Healthy Glow

I have been blessed to enjoy a nice little walk to work most days lately, and as a result have also been blessed with a nice healthy glow once I arrive.  (I was informed long long ago that true ladies never sweat nor perspire, but instead, they "glow", just in case you weren't aware of that little fact.)  So while the other sweet ladies are shivering in the early morning air conditioning, I am sitting at my desk, comfortably glowing in the same air, at least for a few minutes until my glow has faded and I am forced to don my sweater.  If I forget to bring my sweater along on my early morning walk, I either must sit and shiver with the other sweet ladies or else borrow a sweater from the collection in our office coat closet.  

The website at MedlinePlus explains that perspiration or sweat is clear, salty liquid produced by glands in your skin.  "Glowing" is how your body cools itself off.  Sweating a lot is normal when it is hot, you exercise, are anxious, or have a fever.  Sweating too little can be life threatening because your body can overheat.  I'm grateful for a body that functions properly.  I'm grateful for a "Healthy Glow."    

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