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Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it is a little bit early to be wishing myself a happy birthday, but my bright and shiny new birthday present arrived this past weekend!  Complete with a sparkly bow or two!

It took several shopping trips over the course of several months to finally get this gift to happen.  We have had two different stoves during the past twenty five years and put a lot of wear and tear on them both, switching them out several times.   Our GE oven was still going strong, but we've been down to one working burner for longer than I want to admit, and it's time.   I didn't want anything fancy, just a good dependable electric stove that hopefully will last us for another decade or two.  I no longer cook for as many since the kids are mostly gone, but I do still like to fix a good meal on occasion and would bake a lot more if the body was better able to handle the end result of that creative activity.  

At any rate, we're grateful for the new stove.   We just used the microwave on Saturday and went to Grandma's for dinner yesterday.  Now, it's time to fix dinner, but do I really want to spoil the perfectly clean, shiny newness?   

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  1. What a lovely birthday gift that you will enjoy using! We make good use of such things until they are worn out and then a bit longer, but it is so nice to have something shiny new that can be trusted to work correctly, hope for many years to come! I think you should bake something special to celebrate! :-)