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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Recently I was in a medical facility waiting room where a popular movie was playing on the TV screen to entertain me and the others who were waiting.   As I sat down to wait, a helicopter was being flown over a cityscape and somehow became stranded on the top of a very tall skyscraper.   A beautiful woman climbed out of the helicopter and ended up hanging on for dear life to the landing gear of the helicopter, dangling high above the city streets.  Of course who should appear, but Superman, who deftly rescued the beautiful maiden (Lois Lane, I assume) and the helicopter, delivering them both safely to a helicopter landing pad.

"But wait, who are you?" she asks as he starts to walk off into the night.

Superman turns and gives her is big signature smile, and answers,  "A friend."

Where would we be without friends?  We all need and crave friendship, whether we admit it or not. I'm not really a very social person.  I enjoy being around good people, but definitely don't feel the need to "go out and socialize"  every week. I don't often go out of my way to arrange social activities or to invite people to gather in my home, but I do appreciate my good friends and neighbors and co-workers and appreciate associating with them from time to time.  I enjoy and appreciate the times when a friend and I can just sit and talk, sharing our highs and our lows, our good times and blessings, our worries and our struggles.   Good friends have our back and know how to lift and help when we are down.

Earlier this week my DH and I had the privilege of going out to dinner with a group of old friends.  A former roommate of mine and her husband have come to the area for their youngest son's wedding this week, and since they rarely are able to visit from their current home in China, they invited a fairly large group of friends to meet together for a meal and visiting.   It has been many years since we have visited with these friends, and we didn't know everyone in the group, but it was good to renew old friendships and to get to meet  new friends.  I can honestly say that they are not only some of the "brightest minds" (as our host graciously pointed out) of our generation, but I would also add, some of the kindest and noblest hearts.   I feel privileged to know them, to have been included in the group last night, and to call them my friends.

Thinking of friends and friendships, I would have to say that my very closest friends are those who I have been blessed to have as my family.   My DH is my closest friend and confidant, my own Superman/Clark Kent.   My angel mother and my noble father are not only my greatest mentors, but they are also souls that I consider among my greatest friends.  My dear brothers and sisters were my closest friends growing up, and next to them were my cousins.  I love spending time with them all.

The children who have come to my family are now among my closest friends and confidants.  I love spending time with them, admire them immensely.  My two dear daughters-in-law are included in this bunch.   Even thought I have not known them nearly as long as I have known my own dear children, they are both wonderful women, and I could not have chosen better companions for my two dear sons. I recently saw an appropriate meme on facebook that does a pretty good job of expressing how important my friendships with my grown children are . . . but now I can't find it!  So this post will just have to exist without that colorful touch.

And who do I consider to be my very greatest friend?  My Savior, Jesus Christ.  My elder brother, the one who knows and understands me better than anyone else ever has or will. He knows my thoughts and the intents of my heart, and still loves me. He has suffered and endured every single thing that I have suffered or will ever have to face, or not face, if I will repent.   He truly knows me.   He is the one who is always there to hear my prayers, whether they are prayers of gratitude or pleadings for help and comfort.  I know he wants to be there for you too.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you."
"I will call you friends, for you are my friends"
D&C 93:45

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  1. This was a beautiful post about friends and friendship. You have your friendships and your priorities straight. Friendships that last through the years are a true treasure, especially those we have with our spouses and grown children.