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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well, we may have had our perfect spring day last week, but summer is rapidly approaching.   Now the temperatures here are in the 80's, possibly the 90's.  I haven't checked for sure.  At work this week the temperatures have consistently been in the mid to high 80's in our office, with the facilities people trying desperately to get the air conditioning working right.  They thought everything was fixed, but today we were once again sweltering as we typed and answered phones, trying to keep our brains functioning normally.  I have a small Chinese fan at work that a dear co-worker brought me from a trip she took to San Francisco China Town some years ago, and believe me, was I ever grateful for it today.  Someone finally took pity on our little section and aimed a fan full blast from their area towards ours, which helped considerably.  I think that the problem has finally been fixed as things were starting to cool down about the time that I left this afternoon.  I guess that I'll find out tomorrow.

At home we haven't turned on the air conditioning yet.  We keep the windows open and the ceiling fans going at night and in the early morning then shut them up tight before leaving for work.  So far we are surviving and hopefully the temperatures won't rise any higher for another few weeks.  Maybe we can even get some additional cooler weather and rain?  At any rate, today I am very grateful for fans.

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