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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tech Savy Kids

Yesterday at work one of the IT Department guru's stopped by to see how things were going, and in the process showed us a new trick or two that he has discovered with the New MS Office 2010 that was recently installed on our computers.  As we were thanking him for sharing his knowledge with us, he mentioned how his 15 year old daughter is continually teaching him new things and how she is the go to person for their family in figuring out how to work new gadgets and technology.   

My own DH has a degree in Computer Science, but it is usually our children that I go to for help in figuring out new technology, and it has been this way for years.  Granted, my dear sons have degrees in Math and Computer Engineering, but my daughters are also there to help out with questions and problems.  DD2 was the one to spur me on to learn to text several years ago, and DD4 is the one I go to for help with switching from one component to another on the TV.  All of my daughters are more proficient than I with the MS Office Suite and almost anything web or computer related.  Let's face it, I'm very dependent upon my Tech Savy Kids, and am very much not looking forward to the day (coming very soon) when they have all left the nest.  Thank goodness they will usually be just an email, text message, or facebook post away!

Yes,  I do love my Tech Savy Kids!

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