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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kindle Fire

For my last birthday, my family presented me with a new Kindle Fire and a new handbag with a special protective pocket to carry it in.  Granted, I had looked at e-readers occasionally while out shopping, but had no great plans of getting one in the foreseeable future, and really was not aware of everything that I would be able to do with this wonderful device.  DH downloaded the LDS scriptures for me, I found lots of free books and games and even some movies that came with my free month of membership in Amazon Prime.  Many authors also offer free e-copies of their books occasionally n their blogs.  DD4 helped me navigate borrowing books from the county library and downloading free music from the library too.  The kids have taken turns borrowing my kindle to play games, I have read several good books, listened to music, wasted time playing games (I never have been much of a game player, but I especially like Free Flow, it's somewhat addicting!) I have used it a lot to check my email, browse facebook, and read my favorite blogs while DD4 is using the computer.   I even took the kindle to church last Sunday where I was able to quickly switch from scriptures to Conference Report to other references and even use it as a hymn book.  Yes, though definitely not a necessity, the Kindle has been one of the best gifts ever!

Thank You Dear Family!!  ♥♥♥

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