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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Portable DVD Player

A year or so ago DH won a portable DVD Player from some promotion at his work.  I had always thought that it would be an interesting thing to have, even though the screen is so small.  And it is.  But it is just perfect for one or two people to sit together and watch a show, and it can be easily borrowed by a child and moved from room to room, or even taken with us when we travel.  On Valentine’s Day DH was not feeling well, so he came home from work early and we rented The Iron Lady from Redbox for our Valentine’s Day Date.  Last night we rented The Bourne Legacy.  Two movie date nights in a row!  We've also enjoyed many TV Series DVD's rented from the Library or received as gifts . . . Bones, The Cosby Show, Downton Abbey, Rumpole of the Bailey, and Quantum Leap to name a few.

Now we don't watch a whole lot of TV at our house, especially not DH, but we do enjoy an occasional movie, especially on the weekends. When the children were young we did enjoy our Thursday evenings with The Cosby Show (with the kids) and Hillstreet Blues (after they were in bed).   When DS1 was about 9 years old, we realized that the kids were spending way too much time watching multiple reruns of mindless TV (Saved by the Bell and Full House to name a few) or fighting over whose turn it was to play the Nintendo.  One day it got to be too much, and DH cut the cord of the TV.  We gave it away to someone who had the cord repaired, and went without a TV for a decade.  Sometimes for important events like General Conference or an important ball game, we would go to visit Grandma, who kindly let us watch at her house.  This was the time period when DVD's were new, and occasionally we would buy or rent a movie to watch on the computer downstairs in DH's home office.  We would crowd a bunch of folding chairs in the room and some would sit on the floor.  It wasn't very comfortable, but we were able to have a home movie night!

 I did break down the Christmas of 2001 and bought the least expensive TV that I could find so that we could watch the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.  DH wasn't very happy with me, but we still own that TV.  The reception is almost nonexistent now.  We did purchase a converter box for the TV, but without cable it still isn't very functional.  There is a VHS player hooked up to it, but we don't watch it very often.  DH did purchase another TV several years later, so our family movie nights are a bit more comfortable than they were without a TV, but the portable DVD player is still a nice option.

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