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Monday, February 18, 2013

Current Temple Recommend

On Saturday afternoon I was able to take some time to attend a temple session.  The session was absolutely full.  It makes my heart happy to be on a very full session.  I didn't really know anyone else there, but I did recognize another couple from my stake.   I didn't feel rushed and enjoyed watching everyone there with friends and loved ones.  It was happy.

A few years ago I was conversing with a very dear friend.  She is practically a saint in my eyes and does all she can to serve and help those in her family and others around her.  At this time she was going through some particularly difficult challenges, and was talking about wishing she could just go off and be alone somewhere to find some peace.  I mentioned the temple as a place of peace, a place where I go to find the peace I need to carry on, and my friend almost completely broke down as she said, "I can't go to the temple."  I'm not exactly sure why she can't go, and I didn't ask.  I do have a pretty good idea.  I understand that she no longer has a recommend, although I do know that she did at one time.  She just seemed so defeated, like it could never be a possibility again, at least not in the foreseeable future.  I wish that she didn't see it that way, that she could find the way to once again have a temple recommend and have ready access to the peace that can be found at the temple.  I do know that her life could definitely be better and happier with that simple blessing. 

I love the temple.  I'm very grateful to have a current temple recommend.

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