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Friday, February 8, 2013

Graham Crackers

The original Graham Crackers were invented in New Jersey in 1829 by Sylvester Graham.  They were made from mildly sweetened whole wheat graham flour, and meant to be a healthy snack or breakfast food.  Today's graham crackers are undoubtedly sweeter and contain less whole wheat flour than the original product, but they are still a relatively healthy snack.  And I love them.  They store well, go great with milk, applesauce, peanut butter, chocolate frosting, nutella, and many other foods.  They are a main ingredient in the traditional campfire treat, smores.  They also make an awesome crust for desserts such as cheesecake and 7 layer bars.  Graham Crackers played a major food role in my childhood, my college years, and throughout my life.  Today I'm still grateful to have them in my kitchen, my store room, and my diet.  Especially as a bedtime snack!

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