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Monday, February 25, 2013

Safe From Harm and Accident

I grew up hearing the phrase "please keep us safe from harm or accident" on a daily basis as our family would kneel together morning and night for family prayers.  "Please help us to return safely to our homes" or similar phrases were probably repeated in most prayers that I heard at church and even community gatherings all during my growing up years.  These phrases have become a permanent fixture in my own prayers, not only in my personal prayers, but when I have the opportunity to pray for a group at church or in other situations. 

So, are these oft repeated phrases trite, or "vain repetitions?  I think not.  We may at times say them without much thought, but I feel that most people who pray these phrases truly do want to petition the Lord for protection from harm and accident for themselves and for their loved ones, on a daily basis. I also believe that the Lord answers these prayers on a daily basis.  I believe that he answers them much more often than we realize.  And when we do realize that he has answered our prayers with protection, we are always very, very grateful.  We need to remember to thank him for his protection, and for answering our prayers.  I for one am very grateful for the many many times that the Lord has kept me and my loved ones safe from harm and from accident. 

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  1. i've been thinking about that lately.... i agree! : )