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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have never been one to wear a whole lot of makeup.  Sometime when I was in Junior High School I started wearing a bit of mascara and sometimes some blush and lip gloss.  On special occasions I might add some brown or grey eye shadow or lipstick or even some sort of foundation, but never on a daily basis.  I would usually don the makeup for school and church and work, but over the years I have become a bit lax, especially during the stay at home Mom years. 

When I started working part time I did better, but for the past couple of years it hardly has seemed worth the bother.  I mean really, how many wrinkles and grey hairs can a bit of mascara and blush and lip gloss hide?   I confess that my eyelashes have become lighter over the years, and the mascara does help to define my eyes, so occasionally I will still take the time to put on a bit of makeup.   And guess what?  People do notice!  I have taken the effort to put on a bit of mascara several times in the past few weeks, and one of my co-workers has had a nice comment every time:

"You look really nice today.  Are you wearing make up?"


"Are you wearing mascara today?  Your eyes look really pretty!"

I'm grateful for a sweet co-worker who notices when I'm trying to take a bit more care with my appearance, and I'm grateful that a bit of mascara can really make a difference.

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