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Thursday, October 10, 2013



We have had rain again this week, which is a good thing, and which also makes me grateful for my trusty old umbrella.  I don't use an umbrella very often as we really don't get a whole lot of rain in these parts.  When I lived in Colombia for a year and a half I did carry an umbrella and used it frequently, and sometimes even got caught in sheeting rainstorms without it.

But here in our humble state it normally doesn't take more than a quick dash from house or store or church to the car or wherever I need to be going when it is raining.  Since I have been walking to work, however, I have had to use the umbrella exactly twice so far.  I have carried it with me several times, but have not needed it to protect me from the "misting and spitting"  bits of rain or just plain cloudiness that I encountered on these other occasions.

According to wikipedia, umbrellas probably originated in ancient China more than 2400 years ago.  So thank you to the wonderful and intelligent soul who designed this lovely and useful instrument.  Now I just wish I could figure out how to keep my feet dry without wearing galoshes!

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