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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cocoa Maker

Several Christmases ago when DS1 was in college he asked for a cocoa maker for Christmas.  Very dutifully Santa went ahead and provided said cocoa maker for said sun.  Coincidently, that same Christmas DH also recieved a cocoa maker for Christmas.  The cocoa makers were two different brands, and the machine that DH received was actually the brand that DS1 had originally asked for, but a brand that Santa had not been able to find.  So, DH challenged DS1 to a cocoa making contest, and the winner would be able to choose which cocoa maker he wanted to keep.  Long story short, we had a lot of delicious cocoa, DS1 decided to keep the cocoa maker that Santa had brought, and we still have the other cocoa maker here in our home. 

It was raining tonight as DD1 returned from shopping and errands, so I whipped up a batch of hot cocoa.  Not the best ever, as our ingredients for cocoa are a bit limited right now and I was in a hurry, but it was hot, sweet, and chocolate.   Our family does like a good cup of cocoa, and so do the co-workers at work.  We have sometimes talked about how nice it would be to have a cocoa maker at work, but we really don't have a break room that we can use for things like that.  So for now, we either need to warm up a cup of instant cocoa in the microwave (located in one of our supply closets) or use a cup of hot water from the nearby water cooler/heater (located in another nearby supply closet.)  Oh well, I may just have to put a stash of instant cocoa into my desk drawer.  Cocoa season is upon us!

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