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Friday, June 7, 2013


Today DD4 received her High School Diploma, a Diploma of Merit.  This means that during her High School career, she has excelled academically, especially in the areas of Math, Social Sciences, Visual Art, and overall Academics.  It hasn't been easy, and we are proud of our youngest daughter for persevering and accomplishing what she has! 

The other day my next door neighbor congratulated me on "graduating" from High School.  She understands, since her own youngest graduated two years ago.  (And she has watched 8 children graduate to our 6!)  We have been neighbors for over 15 years.  Our children have played together, and occasionally fought with each other.  I admire, respect, and look up to this lovely lady, and her husband, and all of her children.  They are very good people and great neighbors.  Excellent neighbors.

I also love and admire and respect my own family.  We have wonderful children.  This evening I have been browsing through some old photos of graduations of our children.  There aren't many, and they are all of college graduations.  I gave up trying to take many pictures back when digital took over the world and everyone else seems to always be taking and sharing their photos with me.  Unfortunately, everyone else hasn't always been around to take pictures of my kids' graduations.   I can't find any photos of their High School graduations.  (Maybe some of them will find some and share with me??)  But it's a small thing, because even without the photos to browse through, I am very proud of each of my children.  Each of my children has different talents, interests, and challenges.  Each of my children has achieved many great things and overcome many things.   I am so blessed to be their mother!  And even though I may sometimes miss those good old days, we have some great memories, and I can sigh with relief that I have finally "graduated" from High School.

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