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Monday, June 17, 2013

California Beaches

I still remember my very first visit to California Beaches.  Around 40 years ago when I was about 12 years old, my family took a week or so to drive to California and visit various relatives and points of interest as we traveled down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  One night we were able to secure rooms in a motel that was just off the beach somewhere between San Francisco and L.A.  It was a quick stop that night, and we were up and on our way again fairly early the next morning, but I remember being impressed with the vast Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beach.  We later stopped for an hour or so at a beach in the L.A. area and had time to walk barefoot through the sand and the surf.

DH and I have not traditionally been very big fans of spending the day on the beach.  A whole day in the sun is not exactly our idea of a day of fun, and we're not big swimmers or water people, but I do love to spend time at the beach in the earlier morning or later evening hours.  I love to walk barefoot through the warm sifting sand and along the cool hard packed sand with the waves lapping up my toes and my ankles.  I love watching the surf roar in from the horizon.  I enjoy watching the brave surfers out trying again and again to catch the perfect wave and ride it in to shore.  I enjoy California beaches.  Thank you DS1 for taking us to the beach again during our short visit to California!

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