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Friday, November 9, 2012


Salt Lake Temple

Gratitude Day 9:  I'm Grateful for Temples. 

I'm grateful that I can make the time to attend the temple frequently.  I love that I can be of service by proxy  to some of my sisters who have not had the opportunity during their life times to receive the blessings of the temple.  I'm grateful to feel the closeness to my Heavenly Father when I'm in the temple.  I'm grateful to have been born to parents who have been sealed as a family unit for all eternity.    I'm grateful that more than 30 years ago I was able to receive my own endowments in the Salt Lake Temple, and that 2 years later I was sealed to my wonderful DH in the same location.  I'm grateful for the many times that I have been able to attend the temple with various family members.

I strongly believe that the very most important thing anyone can do in this lifetime is to make sacred temple covenants.   Serving a mission is a wonderful and important calling and service.  But receiving your endowment is far more important.  A wedding is a wonderful, happy time in a couple's life, with many exciting preparations for dresses, receptions, cakes, photos, etc.    But receiving your endowment and being sealed together as a new family unit is the very most important part of the wedding.  Planning for and preparing  for the temple should receive just as much time and effort, if not more, as the other aspects of preparing for a mission or a wedding. 

I eagerly look forward to the day when I can see each of my children worthily and knowingly go to the temple, make their own sacred covenants there, and receive the blessings that have been promised to them.   To be in the Lord's temple with my entire family gathered together is my greatest goal, wish and dream. 

To all of my friends and loved ones:  If you have not yet received these blessings, please do what you need to do to learn about and prepare yourself  to do so.

"I am satisfied that if our people would attend the temple more, there would be less selfishness in their lives. There would be less absence of love in their relationships. There would be more fidelity on the part of husbands and wives. There would be more love and peace and happiness in the homes of our people . . ."
---President Gordon B Hinckley

Washington DC Temple, where we attended during our years living in the east.

Jordan River Temple, where I frequently attend.

Bogota, Colombia Temple where I would love to visit someday.


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