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Monday, November 17, 2014

Thrift Stores and Hand-Me-Downs

I'm grateful for Thrift Stores and Hand-me-Downs.  I love being able to find great quality clothing for small prices.  We have several great thrift stores in the area, and even though sometimes it takes some time, I can almost always find something that will work for me.  The thrift stores are also a wonderful source for books, sometimes games and movies, toys, and even kitchen supplies and linens.

Our family has also been blessed through the years with hand me downs and hand me ups.  Recently my younger, taller, (and thinner) sister has blessed me and my girls with some of her excess clothing.  Not all of it works for us, but what doesn't we can pass along to someone else.

Some years ago a friend shared her testimony with me of how blessed her family had been for being faithful in paying tithing and providing service in the church.  They were by no means wealthy, but had always had sufficient clothing for their large growing family, and usually only needed to purchase shoes and socks and underclothing firsthand.  We haven't always been quite that fortunate, but we have received many wonderful articles of clothing for our family from other friends and family members throughout the years.   I know that sometimes children may have negative experiences as a result of hand-me-downs, but as far as I know, my own children have never experienced any seriously negative feedback from their clothing blessings.

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