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Monday, November 10, 2014

Board Games

I'm grateful for Board Games.  Growing up I was blessed with parents, grandparents and siblings who enjoyed playing a good board game on a leisure summer day or winter evening.  It started with Uncle Wiggly and Candy Land, then Sorry, and then Monopoly.  Later there were many games of Clue and Risk.  These days our family tends to prefer Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, or strategy games like Empire Builder, Settlers of Zarahemla (we don't own Catan) or most recently, Shadows over Camelot.

DH played many a strategy game in his youth and young adult years, but unfortunately I'm not quite the gamer that he is, and so he has had to wait for his children to become adults to have a family full of competitors.  And, also unfortunately, most of the children are now scattered.  Fortunately, they do sometimes return home, and occasionally we can be persuaded to have a family game night or too.  And, even though I have at times in years past loathed the game times as I was almost always the last man out or the loser, I do enjoy an evening or two or a day or two filled with family game time.  We are indeed blessed.

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