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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Clementines and Orange Juice

I'm grateful for Clementines and Orange Juice.  I grew up with a mother who strongly believes  in a dose of orange juice every single day.  And I have been blessed to be able to continue with that tradition almost every single day of my life.  I don't drink a full cupful every day, mind you.  That can be a bit too much sugar, and too much expense if you have a large family.  But, a little quarter to half cup of orange juice every single day in my humble opinion does a much better job of keeping the doctor away than an apple a day.  (Not that I have anything against apples, but I do prefer oranges and bananas to apples most of the time.)

Now clementines, you know, those tasty little morsels of oranges that have become very popular in the past decade or so . . . I'm very grateful for clementines too.  They're just the right size for a bit of tangy sweetness after lunch or dinner, fit nicely in a purse or a lunch bag, are highly portable, and this time of year they are abundant and affordable at the local grocery store.  Yep, I'm grateful for clementines!

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