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Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweaters and Hoodies

The other day I was hanging up and putting away a load of laundry, and I realized that almost the entire load was sweaters and hoodies.  The hoodies all belong to DD4.  The tradition for YW Camp is that each year the girls are given a new hoodie with some small logo or theme for the year's camp, and jeans and hoodies are pretty much the clothing of choice for DD4.  It's nice that she has been able to get a nice new hoodie every year to add to her collection.

Now, the sweaters, they mostly belonged to me.  I'll wear a hoodie if I must, but I much prefer the softness and flexibility of a sweater, preferably not a pullover.   At home or in the yard, fleece is nice, but while I'm at work I like to look a bit dressier, and I need to have the option of quickly removing or replacing the sweater depending on the temperature at my workplace.   I am blessed with quite the assortment of lovely sweaters.  Some have been gifts from my DH and my Dear Children, and many others have been found on sale or at discount and thrift stores.  I haven't actually shopped for any sweaters lately, but then, I have a lovely assortment of sweaters. 

So, which do you prefer:  sweaters or hoodies?

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