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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Date With My Honey

My DH and I have not ever been ones to make sure that we have a date every week.  We do try to celebrate our wedding anniversary by doing something special every year.  We did get season tickets to the symphony for several years when the dear children were younger, and we sometimes go out to eat with friends or extended family members or after a temple session.  Usually when we spend money on an activity or an outing, we like to include at least some of the kids.  

Going out together has been even more difficult for the past several years since I have been working days and DH has been working evenings, and for quite a while DH was working on Saturdays too. So today it was nice to be able to go on a "date" with my honey.  It was nothing very special.  Just running some errands and doing some shopping, then picking up some take-out to bring home to eat with 2 dear daughters.  But it was a nice couple of hours together, unrushed and enjoyable. Here's to dates with my honey!

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