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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Naps

It has been a tad bit of a stressful week for me; I'm not exactly sure why.  Perhaps it is the fact that our lovely pre-spring weather has given way to more snow.  Perhaps it is that change is occuring in processes and proceedures at work, and more change is a definite possibility there.  Perhaps it is that the end of the term and AP season is soon upon DD4, our high school senior.  Whatever the reason, I have not been sleeping well/not wanting to go to bed at night. 

After meetings today there was only one thing that was necessary for me to do:  Take a nice long Sunday Nap.  I remember days when young children filled the household, and long Sunday Naps didn't often happen.  I remember some Sundays in the past that were so full of meetings and/or family activities that Sunday Naps were not on the schedule.   This week I am very very grateful for the time to take a nice long Sunday Nap, and then spend time with the dear family for a quiet dinner and Family Home Evening. 

And now, Good Night everyone.  I'm headed to bed with my DH and a good book.

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