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Friday, March 29, 2013

Campus Visits

One of the enjoyable activities associated with having a high school senior  in the household is making campus visits to potential colleges.  I have been privileged to make two such visits with DD4 in the past week.  Last Saturday DH and I both visited a local private college with her, and today DD4 and I made the hour and a half drive to one of our State  Universities.  It was a beautiful day and an enjoyable drive.  DD4 has been offered scholarships to both schools.  The are both very good schools.  They have both entertained us with visits with students and faculty members, sample classes, campus tours, and delicious meals.  Today we enjoyed wonderful brownies and fantastic ice cream.  The only sadness is that since DD4 is the caboose of our children,  today's campus visit will be the last of our recruiting campus visits.  At least we still have several more graduations to look forward to!

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