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Sunday, March 10, 2013


DD2 recently bought herself a new laptop after her old one died.  Of course the new laptop has a webcam, so a couple of days ago she signed up for Skype, and requested friends to add her to their contacts.  We have had a web cam since DS2 and DDIL gave us one for Christmas a year  ago December, but it has been hooked up to the computer in DH's office, and I never bothered to set up an account for myself.   I've  had Skype on my new kindle since last October, but still didn't take the time to set it up since I'm somewhat technology challenged.

Anyway, it has taken me several days to figure out how to set up my new Skype account and get if working on the kindle.   It hasn't helped that the silly auto correct feature on the kindle doesn't like my user name or my password.  I was able to change the password, but the user name is still giving me some grief.  Finally today while talking to DD2 on the phone and with the help of DD4 here next to me, we were able to get it working!  DD2 and I were able to have a nice visit, and DD2 was even able to have a chat with her kitty for the first time since she was home for Christmas.  Later DS2 and DIL called and we Skyped with them for a nice long time too.

I know that Skype has been around for quite a while, and I've even enjoyed skyping with DS2 and DDIL in the past, but somehow it just seems so much cooler on the kindle than on the office computer.  I feel like I've jumped into the future . . . Back in the days of my youth I remember hearing about the probabilities of people in the future being able to talk to and see each other on phones with TV screens like in the TV shows Lost in Space and Star Trek . . . and here I can do it today with my Kindle.

Excuse me while I sit here in amazement and awe for a little bit.  I just might eventually catch up to the rest of you in the twentieth century.

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