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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Neighbors and Daughters

I have some wonderful neighbors and some wonderful daughters.  We might not always hang out with our neighbors, but we do know them , exchange Christmas gifts with them,  and exchange greetings throughout the year.  Our children have been welcome to play in many of their homes, and their children have been welcome in ours.  They have cut our grass, helped  move our furniture and fixed cars and appliances and raingutters, and given us rides.  Each month in our church  meetings we have the opportunity to share our testimonies of the gospel with one another.
  Each month I tell myself that I need to are my testimony with my neighbors, but then there are so many others sharing so many wonderful thoughts, that I seldom get up myself.  I do love and appreciate all f their service and their testimonies.

Yesterday my DH and I were able to attend our stake temple session.  DH was not
feeling well, so he returned home right after the chapel meetings.  One of our dear neighbors agreed to give me a ride home after the session so that  could stay, and she made me feel like I was doing her a favor so she was not alone.  I love being in the temple with neighbors and friends and family members.  It's a taste of heaven.

Today I was blessed to sit in Relief Society  between DD4 and DD1.  It has been a while since I have had the chance to sit in Relief Society since I have been teaching primary and visiting other wards in the stake.  It was wonderful and I look forward to many more Sundays of sitting with daughters in church.

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