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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ammonium Sulfate

The weather has been a bit dreary here the past few days, and yesterday morning I woke up to see the wet road shining in the streetlights.  By the time it was daylight and DD4 and I were leaving for her school, it was snowing.   The snow storm didn’t last long, and when I got back home, I knew it was the perfect time to fertilize the lawn and the garden.  Several years ago I stocked up on several bags of Ammonium Sulfate, and I still have some out in the shed, so I pulled on my boots and began the process of broadcasting the fertilizer over the lawn and the garden areas.  Sure it took up an hour or so of time that I had planned for other tasks, but now the fertilizer is using the moisture from the now- melted snow to make its way into the soil to provide needed Nitrogen and Sulfur to help the lawn green up quickly and the garden to grow.

And, by the time I was cleaned up and headed to work, the sun was out and shining!

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