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Monday, February 4, 2013

DSIL and Scrapbook Supplies

One of my Dear Sister in Laws is a sales rep for several scrapbooking supply companies.  Of course she has a lot of samples to show to her customers, and what does she do when the samples become outdated?  She shares them!

Last night said DSIL invited us over for the evening, to watch the super bowl game if we so desired, to share some goodies, and to go through her latest culling of scrapbooking supplies.  The crowd was small (not a crowd at all since most of the children/cousins are now young adults and had other places to be last night) so we had a nice, lazy evening sitting in the other room and chatting and sorting through paper and other paraphernalia.  We brought home a couple of boxes of "scrapbook crap" and had a very nice evening.  Some of the kids watched some or most of the game, but I maybe saw parts of a couple of commercials and looked at the score a couple of times.  And that, folks, is how we spent the Super Bowl Sunday evening.  If there are any wondermous commercials I missed, please let me know . . .

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