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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Yellowstone and Jackson

This is one of my very favorite photos of my DH and I, taken at Yellowstone National Park while we were on our honeymoon.  It is the only photo we have of ourselves on our honeymoon, taken by a kind couple who offered.   Selfies just weren't a thing back in the 80's with the cameras we had.

We spent several days in West Yellowstone, getting to know each other, and venturing out each day to see some of the beautiful areas that Montana and Wyoming have to offer. We found that the  Lewis and Clark Caverns rivaled our beloved Timpanogos Caves in grandeur, but were not as well lighted. Of course, we enjoyed visiting Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake, and attended a Melodrama at the Playbill Theater in West Yellowstone,

I loved seeing all of the wonders of Yellowstone.  I had been there years before with my family, but it was fun seeing them all again with my new Dear Husband at my side!  And I especially enjoyed looking at him and knowing that he was now mine forever!

One day we drove down to Jackson, Wyoming for the day.  What spectacular scenery in the beautiful valley!   Once can never tire of gazing at those majestic mountains!

We also stopped for our dinner at the Strutting Grouse Restaurant, where we enjoyed Quail with Wild Rice and a delicious chocolate mousse for dessert.  I just tried to find any information on the restaurant on the internet. Apparently, it has closed its doors to business, but its legacy lives on in my memories.

What memories do you have of your honeymoon or other special trips?


  1. What sweet honeymoon memories! I've been to Yellowstone just once, I used to have a friend who lived there and worked in the Park Service personnel dept. Such a beautiful place!! It sounds like the perfect romantic honeymoon spot too! Loved that photo of the bubblegum master, how fun to recall those years so long ago! Papa Bear and I got married at Jefferson in East Texas and honeymooned at a Bed & Breakfast there. The most fun thing we did was taking an evening boat ride on Caddo Lake, which is akin to the swamps of Louisiana with all the cypress and moss, and felt very much like stepping back into prehistoric times... eerie but fascinating! Although much older than you, all I could think about at the time was "now he is really mine forever," and what an amazing blessing that was, and continues to be!

    Y is for Yvonne

    1. I was able to visit Louisiana when my sister #2 married back before I met DH. We drove through Texas on our way home, but I haven't really seen much of the state. It sounds beautiful!