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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Jobs

When DH and I first met in the spring of 1981, I was working part-time as a typist for the Educational Psychology Department at the University.  I believe that DH may have stopped by my work once or twice, but I usually worked for four hours every morning and then took a full load of classes in the afternoons all summer long.   DH was working as a computer programmer for Savin Corporation, and as I mentioned earlier in my Computers post, we would sometimes spend some time at his work in the evenings to use the computers for homework assignments or playing games.

After the summer semester ended in August, I was no longer able to work for the University as I was preparing to go to Colombia to serve as a missionary, beginning in October, so would not be attending school during the fall semester.   After a bit of searching I did find a job working at the snack shop at the Bridal Veil Falls Resort, which sported the steepest tram ride in the world, with a spectacular view of the falls. The busy season at the resort was of course during the summer, and you may remember that DH and I had attended a dance earlier that summer at the restaurant and lodge located above the falls.  Once school started in the fall, business slowed down at the resort and many of the workers returned to school, but the business did stay open for several months until the weather turned too cold for tourists.   I needed a job for the months of September and October and was hired to work in the snack shop and help take inventory of the gift shop merchandise and pack it up for the winter.   The job was a true blessing for me, and DH even drove me to work a time or two.   The falls and the canyon where they are located hold very fond memories for me.  Sadly, a massive avalanche in 1996 destroyed the tram house, gift shop, and snack shop where I worked for those autumn months.   There were plans to rebuild, but then in July 2008 a fire destroyed the lodge above the falls and snapped one of the cables to the tram.   The Sherriff's department ordered that the other cable be removed, and the ride was never rebuilt, but today there are hiking trails and picnic areas below the falls, and our family had a picnic there several years ago to celebrate DS1's graduation from the University.   You may want to read more about this beautiful area at this Link to Bridal Veil Falls Resort History.

Photo of the arial tram house, gift shop, and snack bar where I worked at Bridal Veil Falls

When I returned from my missionary service in Colombia, I again needed a job.  DH was kind enough to recommend a job at his new place of employment where he had been working full time during the last year or so while he completed his bachelor's degree in Computer Science.   I got the job and was hired to do data entry for the company that produced several small community phone directories that summer while we were engaged.  I would attend classes in the morning, and then DH would come pick me up and drive me to work in the afternoons, and then we could spend most evenings together.  It was a wonderful arrangement for that summer of our engagement, but I decided that I preferred working on campus and after we were married I was able to find a job working for the Department of Food Science and Nutrition during my senior year of school.

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  1. What a pretty place to work and a pity it is now gone but I enjoyed your fond memories of that time.