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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Wedding Day

On Thursday, August 11, 1983, two years and three months after we first met, DH and I were married.   The morning started rather early as we each had to about 40 miles to the LDS Temple where our marriage was performed.    DH had spent the night in our new apartment in our college town and I spent the night with my family in my hometown.  It was the first time in several years that my entire family was together, so it was a very special occasion.   The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 10:40 am, and we arrived early so many helping hands could assist with the primping and arranging of my dress (created by my professional seamstress cousin).

 As bride and groom, we were then allowed some quiet moments together in the celestial room (pictured above)  while waiting for our family and friends to gather in one of the 12 sealing rooms where the marriage was to take place.  Summer is a very popular time for weddings at the temple, and  I'm sure there were many more marriages performed there that day.  Once DH And I were brought into the room, the officiator took a few minutes to share some words of counsel and advice:  remember to talk together and pray together every day, to avoid arguments and silences, and to return to the temple often.   We then were invited to kneel together at the altar holding hands, and within a few minutes, we were pronounced husband and wife for time and for all eternity.

There was plenty of time for us to gather outside the temple to visit with our loved ones and to pose for photos such as the one below.  This famous olive tree was over one hundred years old, and was a very popular photo spot.  Unfortunately, the tree is no longer there:

DH's parents hosted a very lovely wedding luncheon afterward at their nearby home, prepared by my new sisters-in-law.  After a few hours of rest, we all headed back to my hometown for a wedding reception at our local church.  

My best friend and roommate and DH's sisters were the lovely bridesmaids.

 And our parents were proud, of course.

 The maid of honor and the best man

Of course, we were happy!

Flowers and rings

All of my nieces and nephews in their matching dresses and shirts.  A very belated Thank You!  to all who helped with the sewing!!

The traditional garter . . . only worn at weddings anymore.

Cutting the cake baked by my wonderful Uncle

After cleaning up the beautifully decorated gully, we were on our way for our first night together as husband and wife!


  1. What a lovely wedding! I so enjoyed you sharing these photos, it is impossible not to smile when viewing all the hopes, dreams, and excitement of youth as you make this eternal commitment to each other. It is especially precious that so many family members were involved in preparations and the celebration! It's funny how grown up we feel at that moment, and looking back we were still so very young. Clearly you have listened to those words of wise counsel, and set an example for your children in what a good marriage means. I have so enjoyed this month of your A-Z stories of this important time in your life!

    1. Thank you Josie. It has been fun putting these posts together this year. The trip through my memories, journals and photo albums has been a most pleasant one for me. Thanks for joining along!

  2. I enjoyed the glimpse into your lovely wedding day! May your days together be long and your walk with God be spirit filled.
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