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Thursday, April 6, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Engagement

DH and I, summer of 1981

As mentioned in the previous post, my DH and I first met at a dance on Friday, May 8, 1981.  We had a fun whirlwind summer getting to know each other and were doing things together several times a week all summer long, but I wasn't ready for the question that DH proposed on the night of Thursday, August 6th.  "Will you marry me?"  he asked.  So we were thinking about thinking about getting engaged.  We had only known each other for three months, but by now DH knew that I was planning to leave for a year and a half to serve as a missionary for our church. My mission application paperwork was almost complete. In three more months I would be 21 years old and eligible to serve. DH had already served his own two year mission to Argentina, and didn't really want to wait that long to marry, so went ahead and asked, even though we both felt it was perhaps a bit too soon to make that decision.  I did very seriously consider his proposal, but after several days of thought and prayer and a weekend at home consulting with my parents, I decided to continue on with my plans to serve as a missionary.  I turned down my future DH's first proposal of marriage.

Fast forward about nineteen months.  I returned home from my mission to Colombia on April 28, 1983. On Mother's Day weekend 1983, almost exactly two years after the day we met, DH and I spent a lovely Saturday together and the question came up again.   "Will you marry me?   Will you pray about it?"  I did pray about it.  And the answer was yes.  The time was right.  DH talked to my parents and asked if it was ok with them if we became engaged to be married.  Again the answer was yes.  

Myself and DH, Summer of 1983.

I needed you.
I got you.
I'm keeping you. 
I Love you!


  1. This was so beautiful.
    I cannot describe the emotion i am feeling right now
    The pictures are lovely too
    Thanks for sharing
    F for Favorite Spot