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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Uinta Mountains

Both DH and I grew up hiking and fishing and camping in the Uinta Mountains near our homes long before the summer we met.  Scout camps and Young Women's camps were usually held somewhere in this mountain range, and we both attending such camps almost every summer of our teenage years.  So, of course, our courtship had to include hiking, camping, and picnicking in the Unitas.

I believe that it was the summer that I spent in Colombia when my extended family first began the tradition of a family reunion campout in the Uintas.   I was not there, but DH may have attended?  I don't even remember.   However, when I returned in 1983 and we became engaged to be married, we were both able to attend the family campout.  With the myriad of parents, siblings with their spouses and children, and many other aunts and uncles and cousins, we were very well chaperoned.

 Doing the dishes and sleeping

Because we moved out of state shortly before the family campout the next summer, we were not able to attend the reunion together again in the Uintas.  By the time we moved back to the state, the family had abandoned sleeping in tents and trailers in favor of a huge family get together renting a large lodge complete with beds and a modern kitchen located near Mount Timpanogos.   My immediate extended family did camp out in the Uintas another time or two, and we and our children joined them, even when I was fairly pregnant with DD4 in 1995.   We still do try to take a day trip up for a picnic or short hike in the beautiful Uinta Mountains at least once every year or two, even if now the drive is perhaps more enjoyable than the hike.

My very pregnant self with siblings and parents, Uinta family campout July 1995

Timp Lodge 2008

Where are your favorite places to hike and camp and fish?


  1. Such gorgeous nature, including the mountain in your previous post. I'd love to go hiking more often!

    1. I still love to hike and will go with just about anyone who will let me tag along. Unfortunately, I am now the slow one of the group when hiking with my kids and their friends, and DH has problems with his knees, so we don't hike as much as I'd like.

  2. This is lovely! I can't imagine camping being that pregnant, but when you are young you are game for anything! Staying at the lodge would be fun, as would drives through the beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing such wonderful places with us.

    1. It was a little crazy camping when that pregnant, but it was still a fun weekend. However, I much prefer sleeping in a bed rather than in a sleeping bag now days.