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Friday, April 7, 2017

A to Z Challenge: First Date

June 18, 1981.  My cousin married his sweetheart, and my future sweetheart finally got his first official date with me.   (According to my journal, we did bake cookies together one night a few weeks before that, and we went with a group of friends to his parents' house for a BBQ and games another night, in early June, but DH claims that neither of those activities was really a date ,)

Remember that the night we met back in May, (see Dances) I refused DH's offer to go out together for banana splits after the dance, because my cousin was spending the night with me that night.   How could I have agreed to go off and leave her stranded alone??  I had a full load of classes, and a part time job so worked and studied most of the week.  The weekend we met was mother's day, so of course I was going home for the weekend the very next day..  The next few weekends were also booked up . . my younger sister's graduation from high school, memorial day weekend etc etc, so finally DH agreed to accompany me to my cousin's wedding reception.  Of course there was one small hitch . . . my cousin's father, my uncle, owned a bakery and catering business, so the extended family all pitched in to help out with the food for my cousin's reception.  Including me, and my date.  We spent the majority of the evening filling cups with nuts and mints, and all of my Aunts and most of my cousins and other family members got to meet my new boyfriend.   Apparently they all approved.  And it makes a great story!

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