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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home Grown Tomatoes

Tonight's tomato harvest.

I didn't grow up eating home grown tomatoes.  The elevation of my hometown makes it an area with a rather short growing season, prone to both early and late frosts.  I only remember my Dad tryng tomatoes in our garden once, and they never did ripen.  But this year, my dear sister who happens to still live in my hometown has been producing home grown tomatoes!  In fact, she had ripe tomatoes even earlier than I did this year.  See her lovely tomato plant?  She picked her first tomato on August 10th, a day or two before I picked my first one.  I have had several more ripen since then, and tonight we had fresh tomato sanwiches for dinner along with our leftover lasagna and green beans.  Ahhh, the blessings of August and hopefully several months to come.  Gotta love those tomatoes!

Dear Sister 4's lovely red tomato.

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