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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Night Time Rain and The Land of Promise

Note:  for those of you who have an interest in my blogging attempts, I have begun a new blog, Memories of a Very Shy Child .  This will be a bit different from my other blogs, but feel free to stop by if you like!

Last night it rained.  I vaguely remember hearing the rain during the night, but when I woke up this morning and looked out the window DH asked "Did it rain much?" 

I replied, "It doesn't look like it." 

A few minutes later I went outside to take the garbage cans to the street (yes, Thursday is garbage day here in our neck of the woods, even though it is a national holiday).  And the sidewalk under the mat was still wet from the rain.  The dirt in the flower beds was still wet.  Hooray!  We did get a good rain last night.  I was able to spend a few minutes before the garbage trucks arrived pulling some of the weeds that have been blatantly ignored for the past few weeks, and it was fairly easy work, thanks to the rain.  My early morning plans of watering the gardens were changed.  Instead, I weeded.  The lawns and the gardens should remain sufficiently moist to keep any stray fireworks from igniting in the back yard tonight. What a blessing!  It has been very hot and dry here for the past few weeks and we very much welcome the rain and slightly cooler weather, even though it is a bit humid.  I love the summer rains.

* * * * *

Today our country celebrates our independence and our freedom.  Sometimes it feels like many of our freedoms are gradually being taken away.  That this country isn't quite as free as it once was.  That many people are apathetic to the great heritage this country has, and do not realize how easily it can all be lost.  But, I still love my country and am proud and very grateful to have been born here and lived here most of my life.  I have traveled outside of this country, and though there are many wonderful people and beautiful nations in this world, I still feel most blessed to be a citizen of the USA. 

Long ago this land was proclaimed a choice land of promise.  That whatever nation should possess it should be free from bondage and captivity, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ.  These promises were made by several ancient prophets, (see below) long before our Founding Fathers brought forth the Declaration of Independence and our nation's Constitution.  I pray that the people and the leaders of this nation will continue to serve the God of this land, Jesus Christ.  I love this land, and I want to see it continue strong and free.  Will you please pray for our country too?  Especially today as we wave our flags eat our picnics and watch our fireworks.  And every day as we carry on with the duties and challenges of living in this land.  A choice land of promise.

Proclamations of a choice land of promise:

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