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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Memory Skills

How good is your memory? 

I have always thought that my memory was pretty darn good, at least a bit better than average.  I was able to learn fairly quickly as a child in school, and did pretty well on tests etc.  I even did ok memorizing scriptures in my primary and seminary classes, and in memorizing the occasional random poem or other recitation piece.  Sometimes I even memorized how to play a favorite piece on the piano.

 But now I'm not quite so sure how good my memory really is.  I have a difficult time remembering names, even of people I have known for years.  I guess this is fairly common.  I often forget what my dear children or my DH told or asked me yesterday or the day before, and I have to ask them to remind me.  This morning DH invited me to go along on a job that he had scheduled about a half hour away.  I remembered him telling me about the job . . .

"But you didn't invite me to come along." 

"Yes, I did . . ."  

I really didn't remember the invitation, but I quickly got ready and went along with him.  It was a nice little trip and we were able to visit with some old friends who moved from our neighborhood several years ago. 

I do take comfort in the fact that my children's memories are still very sharp.   They often remind me of the main character in the Cam Jansen Mystery Series.   Cam was very proud of her photographic memory and only had to blink her eyes, and there in her mind she could see a picture of whatever was in front of her.  And, she could recall it whenever she wanted to.  Naturally her photographic memory was a great asset in helping her to solve mysteries. 

I'm resigned to the fact that I will never have a photographic memory, and that my memory skills will probably only fade even more with time.   But I am grateful for the many things that I have studied and learned throughout my life, and I resolve to keep on reading and learning for as long as I am physically able.  How about you? 

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