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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Several years ago DH decided that we needed a new bed.  I love our bed, even though it's now getting a bit old and saggy, and have slept well in it almost every night.  Along with the bed, we also bought two contoured memory foam pillows, one a bit larger for DH and one a bit smaller for me.  We love them.  We use them every night.  A few years ago DS1 gifted us with some other nice memory foam pillows.  We used them for a while, but then went back to our original contoured ones and now use the new pillows for guests.  A month or so ago my dear mother in law gifted me with about five or six other nice fluffy pillows that she wanted to get rid of after cleaning out her basement closet.  So now we have a houseful of nice pillows rather than the ones I have bought on sale for $5 or so at various times. 

Last month we took a lovely road trip to California to visit our sons.  Last week we took another lovely road trip to attend my family reunion.  Each time we took along our lovely contoured memory foam pillows.  One night our pillows ended up in one of our children's rooms, so we slept on the fluffy pillows provided by the hotel.  It was not the best night's sleep for either DH or for me.  I guess you could say we are addicted to, or at least very my accustomed to our lovely contoured memory foam pillows.  I am grateful to have pillows, especially the ones we love.

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